Hi There!

My name is Gabbie, I have streamed since February 2015 and already from the start, I enjoyed it so much that I never wanted to stop. During 2017 I graduated from my Master's education, at which point I decided to turn streaming into my full-time job. On stream I currently play Fortnite and other FPS games. I also include some new releases on a regular basis as I always strive to keep the content fresh.

Why Do I Stream?

The stream is about so much more than just gaming to me. In particular, it’s about spreading joy and positive energy to everyone who is watching. Building a strong community around this positive atmosphere became my top priority once I turned to full-time streaming. I love and breathe my job, which to me means I'm doing just the right thing in life.

Quick Facts

Name: Gabbie
Nicknames: Gabbie and Wolfess
Age: 25
Location: Sweden
Languages: Swedish and English, although I only speak English on stream.